Month: June 2012

guided walks around the City of London

The Only Way is Essex

Wat Tyler has never had a good press but at this time of the year he deserves a bit more coverage. Alright, so it was on 15th June 1381 that he was snuffed out by the Lord Mayor of London, Sir William Walworth, during a heated protest meeting in Smithfield but maybe this up-front Essex…
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Gone and Probably Not Forgotten

Not long to go now. It will all be there for millions to see. Just out of reach. The fireworks, the razzmatazz, the smart suits, smug corporate smiles, congratulations all round, a mega MacDonalds. Where do you start and where do you stop when trying to imagine the opening of the London Olympics? It will…
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Gibbons the Master

I caught up with Grinling Gibbons in Oxford this week – or should I say that it was his remarkable lime and pearwood reredos at the Chapel of Trinity College that confirmed for me that this was a man who made such an important contribution to the rebuilding of the City of London after the…
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