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A new programme of walks for February and March 2024 is now available.  

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Do you want to know what makes London one of the world’s great cities?   Join a LONDON FOOTSTEPS walk and discover more about its rich and fascinating history.

The City of London has mystery and intrigue, heritage and tradition and times of triumph and tragedy.

Wander along the busy streets, through narrow passages and quiet alleyways, discover the gardens and green spaces or step inside to experience the peace and quiet of a centuries-old church. That is the way to see and learn about the LONDON experience.

LONDON FOOTSTEPS is all about making that experience a lasting memory. Whether you’re on holiday from abroad, on a business trip, a day visit or a group outing, a walking tour of the capital will be enthralling, surprising and informative.

LONDON FOOTSTEPS provides informal and friendly walks. In two hours your route will cover almost 2,000 years of history.  By the time it ends you will understand why London is such an extraordinary city and can provide memorable moments and leave a lasting impression.



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What London Footsteps offer

Our walks and talks are designed for those who appreciate the history of London but don’t want to be overwhelmed by dates, kings, queens, battles or events that might be just too much to absorb in a maximum of two hours!


You are invited to participate in any one of our public walks, or you can get in touch and ask us to arrange a bespoke walk for you.  We are happy to build something that suits your specific needs.  Well suited to senior and retired walkers!


Our talks incorporate images and visual links to give audiences a full yet interesting historical experience. Clubs and societies know that it will be a compelling 45-60 minutes and audiences go away with stories and anecdotes about why London continues to be such a fascinating and influential city.


David Williams is a registered City of London guide and lecturer who specialises in themed walks and talks about London’s history dating back to the time when the invading Romans established Londinium nearly 2,000 years ago.


We have a published list of upcoming events, including walks and talks that you might be interested in attending.  All London Footsteps events are well planned, informative and great fun.  Come and join in.

Client Testimonials

We pride ourselves on offering a fantastic experience, but don’t just take our word for it…


Wow!  I didn’t realise there was so much history across London.  David’s a great story teller and he really brought the walk to life! Thank you


U3A Walker



David is such a brilliant guide, his knowledge, enthusiasm and delivery is simply perfect.  A brilliant way to spend a couple of hours in London.


Visitor from Canada



Loved “Fire and Plague”.  It’s our 3rd London Footsteps walk and it won’t be the last.  Brilliant value.  Looking forward to the next one.


London Footsteps Regular


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