Speaking About London

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Speaking About London

The question often asked when invited to speak at clubs and societies is…”which subject would you recommend?” That is almost impossible to answer because London offers such a rich source of stories that almost any subject can be fascinating and keep the audience engaged.

These talks are often ‘moveable feasts’. All the time there is more to learn and see about London and I am constantly finding new information and stories – some intriguing others a bit hard to believe – which have to verified and authenticated. The Internet is a great source of knowledge but it can also be overwhelming. Google ‘Jack the Ripper’ and there are enough sites to go through that it may take several hours to read just a few of them.

I do have to admit that one of my talks which is still popular – THE FLOW OF HISTORY – has a special meaning. It was the first I created over 10 years ago and although it has changed gradually over the years as new pictures and narrative has been added, it is still essentially about the River Thames and the impact it has made to London’s growth and development over the last 2,000 years.

And taking the words of the well-known song about the River Thames and adjusting it slightly, I could say that LONDON FOOTSTEPS keeps rolling along! It’s a subject that will never bore me and, I hope, never send my audiences to sleep.

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