Hidden Secrets of Hatton Garden

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Hidden Secrets of Hatton Garden

The shelves of bookshops and libraries are groaning under the weight of books that explore, discover and enlighten all of us about the history of London.

Here’s one more – just published – and it should be on the shopping list of everyone who enjoys learning more about London life. “DIAMOND STREET” is a fascinating portrayal of Hatton Garden, the renowned jewellery centre of the capital. But that’s not all. Rachel Lichtenstein, a well-informed author from Leigh-on-Sea who has already taken a perceptive, in-depth look at East End life in previous books, now switches her attention to an area of London which has always deserved closer investigation.

Rachel is just the person to do this. She understands the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic mix of such a vibrant place. In “DIAMOND STREET” she pieces together a picture featuring the growth and history of the area around Hatton Garden. Her hours spent sifting through libraries and archive collections have unearthed some real ‘gems’ as far as stories are concerned. The reader is in for a treat.

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